Control of Termites

Integrated control program  -  use liquid termiticide ( Agenda 25EC )  and a professional inspection carried out by Alwaysclean

A successful application of termite control program needs to apply a variety of skills and with good knowledge of their species and the structure of the sites. Application of pesticide is in response of the invasion situation, type and distribution of termites.

Prevention and Control of Subterranean Termites
Subterranean termites in structures cannot be adequately controlled by fumigation, heat treatment, freezing, or termite electrocution devices because their nests are near or below ground level in structures or hiding in hidden places that are out of reach of these control methods.

To control subterranean termites effectively, it is preferably to use termite drugs or termite baits programs that destroy their shelter tubes access to their nests.

1‭.‬ Protect wooden items from damages.
2‭. Build effective barriers and protected areas to prevent invasion of termites.
3‭.‬ Apply termite bait termite drugs or both to eliminate the termite swarm.

Alwaysclean Pest Control Co., Ltd. will provide you with the cost-effective termite control programs. You will receive the relevant inspection reports, treatment methods and contract specifications in the record.